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    New E-Book Translation of Werckmeister's Final Opus

    Hello Everybody,

    My new translation of Werckmeister's final opus, Musicalische Paradoxal-Discourse (1707), has recently been completed and is available in e-book format. It is the first translation of the book. I am hoping more people will be interested in creating translations in e-book format, as most translations, as you all know, are prohibitively expensive for students (and faculty!). For those who don't know my work, I am also the translator of Cribrum musicum (1700) and Harmonologia musica (1702), published by Pendragon Press in 2013. The translation includes the original German as well as commentary. A significant size preview of the book is available on my website here:


    If you would like to support the translation and purchase the entire book, it is available for $5.99 at lulu.com as well:


    If it interests you, I hope you enjoy it.


    Casey Mongoven

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    • I'll be buying! Mongoven's earlier Pendragon edition is aexcellent and a model for how side-by-side translation can be done with careful attention to "translating" the original's typography and design. I highly recommend!

      Having downloaded the sample of the new work, I see the same excellences, although a big screen is really needed to consult facing pages. For intensive work, I'd likely print out on heavy paper and put it in a simple binding.

      I'm thankful that there are people in our field who undertake this kind of highly detailed work with authors as diffuse, obscure, learned, opinionated, entertaining, witty, and imaginative as Andreas Werckmeister.

      Daniel Harrison

      Yale University

    • Awesome Dr. Harrison! Sounds like you know Werckmeister well from your fitting description. I fully agree about the big screen being necessary. The book might not work as well as the printed editions in this way, but I thought I'd include the original anyway for those who are interested. It could still be read on a tablet, but probably not with the opposing pages in view.

      Casey Mongoven