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  • "Tonality" is whatever one's axioms say it is.
  • I decided to revisit this thread and reread the comments, and I think one thing we can do is finally dismiss the indictment of using a straw-man argument in adjudicating the OP. From Tymoczko's paper in Science: I now describe the geometry of music…
  •  The Moebius-strip model of the dyad space is part of the orbifold approach to voice-leading. Exactly. So, presupposing an orbifold approach (or a maximal-parsimony approach or a dissimilarity approach or prime-generator approach or a stochastic a…
  • I'll begin by apologizing to the list on Jason's behalf for his rude, condescending, and bullying comment. I don't believe such discourse should have a place in academic circles, even if you disagree passionately about a position, and the tired, pro…
  • The claim being made is that the Möbius strip is the fundamental shape of the dyad (set) class---as if it's somehow synonymous with the natural, inviolable laws of physics---yet this topological result is a function of the privileged design of the s…
  • Fair enough, Stephen. I do disagree, however, that theory's "identity crisis" is in any way analogous to current horizons/limitations in physics, and I don't see anything beyond a superficial parallelism there. (And that discussion definitely belong…
  • Nothing about music theory---not even the ostensible apotheosis of mathematical music theory---even begins to approach the threshold of science, and theory would do very well to put away such aspirations for itself---an unlikely proposition, unfortu…
  • Even the best music-theoretical discourse suffers from fatal flaws, and it would probably be in the best interest of theorists to rectify first those internal failures---if that's even possible---rather than lament what very well might be a general …