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  • To Stephen and others. Although I (as the moderator) have sent private messages to those submitting new posts, a broad statement to the community will not be posted until additional decisions are made in SMT committee meetings preceding the annual c…
  • Apologies to those of you following this thread who recieved a bit of unsavory spam. The user who made this post has been banned. - SMT Discuss Manager
  • You can use MathML (and TeX) in chrome via MathJax. Just include a statement like this in the head tag: 
  • MTO uses MathXML for some symbols, like time signatures and figured bass. Examples:  I64 = I46 3/4 = 43 In other cases, we have to use inline graphics, because of the unreliability of fonts in the browser. Also, the Unicode symbols for flats and sha…
  • Posted on behalf of @RichardCohn John, there's no question that music theorists can help students to interpret meter signatures according to the principles of 18th-century tempo giusto, and that these lessons will make them more skillful performers …
  • Subscribers: To "respond privately" to a post, you would need to click on the poster's name and click the "Message" button. (Or you could email Peter directly, if you have his email address.)
  • Okay. I am testing on OS X Yosemite with java version 1.6.0_65 and seeing no issues. Can you go to the "contact" page at tinyurl.com/audiotimeliner and submit a bug report for me? Include the OS, java version (type java -version into Terminal to get…
  • Nicolas, my question was answered pretty well by Gary's reply (above). I wasn't really asking anything about solfege (fixed or movable), interesting as this may be. My "more narrow" question was regarding different approaches to understanding / proc…
  • Thanks for the great resources, Phil. This is exactly what I was looking for. And if anyone else out there has an amazing room they've designed with theory pedagogy in mind, please let me know about it. Carson, space does matter. As teachers, we are…
  • Here's another reply I received (below). Just a reminder to everyone that replying directly to the email only sends your message to the SMT Discuss moderator. To post your response on SMT Discuss, you need to click on the "reply here" link. Daniel …
  • Hint from the SMT Discuss moderator: If you want to pull a particular person into a discussion, like Rick Cohn, then you should "mention them" in your post. You mention someone by typing '@' followed by their username (for example: @RichardCohn). An…
  • Hi Tim, you should submit some of your blog posts to the SMT Discover "meta-blog" at http://discover.societymusictheory.org - I'm not sure why this site isn't being publicized yet. 
  • Here is Jonathan's Chopin example: 
  • [PS. The superscript letters and figures, that show correctly while writing the comment, don't once it is posted: IIb5, for instance, should be read with b5 as superscripts. Perhaps an administrator of SMTdiscuss can do something about this.] Supe…