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    Works influenced by Winterreise

    Dear music theory hive mind: I am preparing to teach a course called Winterreise: Before and After, which looks at earlier works that influenced Schubert's cycle and later works that it influenced. I'm looking in particlar for any works (19th century to the present) that seem to have been inspired by Winterreise in some way or another. I'm thinking, for example, of Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden gesellen, Britten's Winter Words, Vaughan Williams's Songs of Travel, Maury Yeston's December Songs, and even a 2014 version for voice and accordion with indie rock singer Corn Mo and accordionist William Schimmel. Theatrical and movie versions are fair game, as are literary adpations (like One Evening, a work that intersperses performance of Winterreise songs with readings of Beckett texts). Feel free to respond to this post or email me directly at ser@uoregon.edu. Many thanks!




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