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    Audio Timeliner software (updating the VAT)

    Those of you who use Variations Audio Timeliner in your courses may have noticed that recent Mac updates have rendered the program unusable. As one of the original developers of this software, I have created an updated version (Audio Timeliner 2.0) that resolves the issues, such that it should run on PCs and Macs equally well. The new version can be downloaded for free at:


    For those of you who have not used this software before, Audio Timeliner is an audio annotation tool that can be used to create bubble diagrams representing musical form. The tool can also be used to navigate between sections of music or to annotate audio segments for more detailed analytical study.

    Note that this version of Audio Timeliner is no longer associated with the Variations project at Indiana University. The program will still open your existing .v2t files, but now saves as .tim files. And, yes, I am interested in developing this program as an app that would work on phones and tablets. If you have experience developing apps and are interested in this possibility as well, please contact me (the program is written in Java).

    Best wishes to everyone for the new semester,


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