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    SMT alternative to Paypal?

    It is a matter of current record that the CEO of Paypal is one of the few leaders in the financial community who is an ardent supporter of the campaign of Donald Trump. While I understand that the society cannot take political positions, and I would not want to try to encourage it to, I for one would appreciate having an alternative means of paying membership and conference registration fees made available. I have made the decision that I will no longer be using my Paypal account, as I don't want to be in the position of rewarding what I see as bad behaviour. Anyone who doesn't see this as bad behaviour is, of course, free to pay this way...but I suspect that many members of the society would appreciate having an alternative.

    I have already mentioned this issue with the Executive Director, and will be sending in my membership renewal money by personal check.


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    • I was not aware of this, so thank you Charles for pointing this out. I support Charles' request to SMT.



    • It's nice to be reminded that an alternative (check or MO payment) *has* always been available; plus, SMT benefits in not having to pay PayPal's commission (ca. $2.75?). If enough SMT members choose to forego the PayPal option, I'm certain its CEO will feel the pinch, as will its employees and shareholders (regardless of their politics).

    • Marcel, you are absolutely right about the change of leadership (about your political views...no comment).

      I should have researched this question more thoroughly before posting. I was thinking about Peter Thiel, and find that he has indeed no more connection with the company. This was a false issue, reminding me that articles on the internet MUST be checked thoroughly before being passed on. I would delete this comment and thread entirely, but for my desire to correct any false impression that my initial post may have caused. My apologies Paula, George, and others. I have now reinstated my own Paypal account and withdraw my suggestion that SMT sunder its relation with Paypal.



    • I will mention though that there are many other viable reasons for not wanting to support Paypal. They have a long history of consumer complaints and have been (in my opinion) a shady company for quite some time. My guess is that we go with Paypal because they offer a nonprofit discount. But I would love to see an option outside of Paypal myself. 

      Devin Chaloux

      Indiana University

    • Peter Thiel was one of the founders of Paypal (together with Elon Musk and others), but it was sold to Ebay a long time ago already.

      Using Paypal does not benefit Thiel anymore and is not "rewarding bad behaviour".
      Dan Schulman is the current CEO of Paypal and on politics he is known for supporting LGBT rights.

      Btw, as a European citizen I would welcome a Trump presidency over a Hillary presidency (who will ensure a new cold war with Russia, forcing Europe along, and no doubt several "hot" ones around the globe as well) and I've long felt the urge to boycott all American companies. ;-)