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    Due to changing needs and technologies, the SMT Executive Board has decided to retire SMT Discuss (effective Nov. 9, 2021). Posts will be preserved for archival purposes, but new posts and replies are no longer permitted.

    Performance and Analysis Interest Group (PAIG) Blog

    Dear all, I'd like to direct everyone's attention to the PAIG's blog, which is accessible at https://smtpaig.wordpress.com.

    The latest contribution is a post by mezzo-soprano Kate Maroney about her experience learning and performing Webern's Op. 4 songs for Allen Forte's memorial a few weeks ago. We invite you to visit the blog and to jump in the conversations by posting your thoughts by way of reply.

    If anyone is interested in contributing to the blog--in the form of a short piece (ca. 300 words), perhaps in connection with a forthcoming publication, or a longer narrative such as Kate's, we welcome your ideas for submissions. Please contact Edward Klorman (eklorman@qc.cuny.edu) to pitch your idea.




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    • We’re pleased to present an online Pedagogy Resource for those teaching courses that relate analysis and performance. The Resource contains syllabi, course reading lists, lesson plans, assignments, and other materials representative of different kinds of courses taught at a range of institutions.


      The Resource is sponsored by the Performance and Analysis Interest Group of the Society for Music Theory, and we hope it will serve a larger community. It is curated by Daphne Leong, assisted by Edward Klorman; Richard vonFoerster assisted in the early stages of the project.

      We thank all who contributed materials. Additional materials, particularly any that represent approaches or items not represented in the Resource, are welcomed.

      To contribute to the Pedagogy Resource, please click here.

      For questions, ideas, or feedback, please contact us at PAIG.pedagogy@gmail.com

      You may also post comments on the webpage itself.

      We hope that you will find this resource useful. Please pass this information on to others who may be interested, including those outside SMT.


      Daphne Leong