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    Collaborative doc for online resources @ SMT Humanities Commons

    Dear members,

    To collect all the great resources that have been floating around on social media and on this list, I have started a collaborative doc (like Google Docs) on our Humanities Commons (HC) page. This is located under the Docs tab.

    I urge all members to consider adding any links to the document that could help someone teach online. Current categories in the Table of Contents are:

    • Open access articles, books, and textbooks

    • Websites with Music Theory Content

    • Websites with Ear Training Content

    • YouTube Channels

    • Technology tips and guides

    I put in a handful of sources under each category to get us started, but the list is far from exhaustive. I’m sure I’ve overlooked some excellent resources. I intend for all members to contribute and help these lists grow. 

    Anyone may contribute to the doc. You just need to log in, and if you haven’t already, sign up for the group.

    Additionally, the HC page is also a great place to share any of your personal documents (assignments, lesson plans, etc)—do this under the Files tab.

    I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.


    Megan Lavengood

    Megan L. Lavengood  |  Assistant Professor, George Mason University

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    • This is great, thanks so much for setting it up!

      If I understand the interface correctly, anyone who adds something should tick "this is a minor edit" before submitting their changes so that everyone doesn't get a notification for every single edit.

    • Antares—probably true!

      HC is a little notification-heavy by default. Each user may also just want to set their own notification preferences so they don't get so many messages.

      Hover over your profile photo > Settings > Email.

      Megan L. Lavengood  |  Assistant Professor, George Mason University

    • May I make some auto-promotion here?

      The European Societies for Music Theory and/or Analysis decided in 2017, during EuroMAC 9, to create a European network which we later thought could be named T&AM (for "Theory & Analysis of Music", or the same in many European languages). This network is at present quite informal – several of us thought that it should better become active before it is formalized and, in view of the large number of European societies on the one hand, of European languages on the other, formalizing it remains somewhat difficult.

      In the aim of having it functioning without too much delay, we opened a provisional website, https://europeanmusictheory.wordpress.com/, which already provides some free resources, among which a list of European journals online. The activity there is not yet what we would hope, but it is a start. Feel free to quote it among the links in your documents.