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    Interest Group on Music and Disability - activities and website?

    I am looking for information about the Music and Disability IG's plans for Arlington, and particulary for resources about teaching students with dyslexia. I didn't see anything about meeting plans in the pdf of the Arlington program, and when I followed the link to the IG's web page, it didn't have anything.



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    • Hi Anna,

      The Music and Disability Interest Group will indeed be meeting in Arlington, on Friday from 12:15 - 1:45 in Studio E. It was not on the preliminary program, but it is on the final program.

      An announcement will be coming later this week, but we will hold a short business meeting followed by a seminar on the intersections of Sound Studies and Disability Studies in Music. This will be based around readings from Mara Mills and Jonathan Sterne, both of whom will be joining us remotely. Sumanth Gopinath and Jennifer Iverson will be respondents. The announcement has been momentarily delayed while we finalize the readings. Look for this by the end of this week on SMT Announce.

      The old DISMUS site at U Rochester has been down for some time now. We currently share the following wordpress site with our AMS sister group:


      This site is also under revision. As you may have seen in a recent post from Anabel Maler (Co-Chair of the IG), we are also relaunching the mentoring program, and will be updating the wordpress website shortly. For help with mentoring resources in the meantime, I encourage you to contact Anabel at amaler@uchicago.edu.

      We will also be present at the IG Fair on Friday morning.

      We hope to see you at SMT!

      Bruce Quaglia, Co-Chair SMT Interest Group on Music and Disability


    • Thanks, Bruce. I will definitely check out that resource page, and hope to see you at SMT.