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    Listening examples for new Tonal Harmony, 8e


    The new edition of Kostka, Payne, & Almen, Tonal Harmony, includes the option for an online component called "Connect," which may be bundled with the textbook or purchased in a separate subscription.  From what I can tell, the recorded examples for the text and workbook can now only be accessed through Connect.  If this is true, I think is a giant step backwards and a disturbing development.  The cost of this venerable textbook should be enough to allow students access to the recordings, in my opinion.  I have written to my McGraw-Hill rep, but have not received a reply.  Does anyone have a definitive answer?  Is it possible still to access the recordings online as it was with the previous edition?  I hope I just missed something, and there is a simple explanation.  I also apologize if I mischaracterized Connect and how it relates to the book.  Any help sorting this out would be appreciated.



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    • I don't know about Connect.  I used to teach out of Kostka/Payne, but have moved to a new school that does not use it. But I think I can still help you. 

      The CD has audio examples for the textbook only. To my knowledge, students had always been required to purchase that CD separately, so the pay scheme seems not to have changed any, from my point of view.

      For the workbook examples, all the audio is free online: highered.mheducation.com/sites/0078025141/student_view0/workbook_recordings.html I always post this link on Blackboard so my students can easily access it.



      Megan L. Lavengood  |  Assistant Professor, George Mason University

    • Rick,  I agree wholeheartedly.  I rep said I could get a custom book made for Theory 3 this fall.  (I used my own materials for Theory 1 and 2 last year.)  I made it clear that students would need the audio examples.  Now I'm getting nothing.  She promised she would send them to me, overnighted a pin drive, and it was audio for the Benward book!!  Classes start tomorrow, and I'm not happy about this.  Why can't they make them accessible to students without "Connect?"  If anyone has sorted this out, please let us know.

      Barbara Wallace



    • I'm not sure about the Kostka/Payne version, but McGraw-Hill's other offerings have been moving toward the Connect for some time now. Usually purchasing the Connect also gives access to an e-text. My institution works with McGraw-Hill's Connect in a variety of other subjects (accounting, business, etc.). Since we're an online institution, the students buy the Connect access code and have the option of purchasing a physical text (but it's not needed as the e-text is part of the purchase of the code).

      Devin Chaloux

      Indiana University

    • Whoops—I just saw that you are using the 8th edition, which I didn't know was an entirely different thing, so my prior comment is actually not relevant. What a shame this is! Maybe you could continue to use the 7th edition anyway? Sorry I wasn't much help after all.

      Megan L. Lavengood  |  Assistant Professor, George Mason University

    • Thank you for the several replies here and offline.  The link Megan posted below is for the 7th edition.  That is what I was hoping to find for the 8th edition, but seems to be no longer available.     


      There is an mp3  disc available for Tonal Harmony. I couldn't find the link to it myself, but maybe McGraw-Hill has fixed that by now. At any rate, here's the link: 


      Sorry for the confusion.

      Stefan Kostka, University of Texas at Austin