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Aural skills class sizes

For those of you with teaching positions, I'm curious to know what your class sizes are for aural skills classes.  My university is in an interesting spot of having a growing music program, with (modestly) increasing enrollments, and shrinking budgets.  We have been able to get by with a single section of aural skills (for each level), but last year there were 35 students in Aural Skills 1, and this year we're looking at 30.  Obviously, this is too many students for one section...at least, assuming we want them to learn things and develop skills.  But our request to split into two sections was denied because it would require throwing a few extra peanuts to an adjunct faculty member.  

Our course catalog lists the class as officially having a cap of 40, which (I'm told) is the default cap assigned to all classes unless another cap is specified.  So, we'll be doing what we can to change that cap this year.

In the meantime, what is the cap on your school's classes?  What is the usual enrollment of each section?

Thanks for your help!


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