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    New font for music analysis

    Hi folks,

    Hopefully this doesn't violate the forum guidelines... I've designed a new font for music analysis (RNA and functional). It's designed to be typed directly into a music notation program as lyrics. It's called MusAnalysis.

    It's available for free (or donation) here: musanalysis.com. Here's a screenshot of a recent sample, all typed in as lyrics (well, not the notes on the staff... just the analysis, and the arrows):

    Happy to answer any questions about it. You can post suggestions here.

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    • Dear Dan, thank you, first of all! I managed do download the Musanalysis, and I read it did not fit Finale for Windows. However, I could find it there and also in the Word program, and it works partially, only I do not know how to arrange the 43 or 65 symbols one above the other - it types them horizontally...I do not need 42, I only use the symbol 2 for the third inversion of a 7th chord.  So far this is what I discovered. Otherwise, the viio7 is typed well, but I do not know how to make it haf-dim7, with a slashed cirlce. Any idea? Thank you again!

    • Hi Dimitar,

      Yes, unfortunately that's precisely the issue at present. The numbers don't stack, as well as most other things not working correctly. There's something in Finale on Windows that is not correctly recognizing OpenType features like ligatures and contextual alternates.

      It's very odd because (1) it works in Finale on Mac, (2) it works on every other program in Windows, and (3) the other font I created, MusGlyphs, does work correctly in Finale on Windows!! Argh.

      We're working with MakeMusic to figure out why Finale is not recognizing this font. It's very high priority to get this working. Thanks, and please keep posted!

      If you downloaded it from Notation Central, you will be automatically notified when we have a fix.