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    Tempo Pedagogy through an iOS app - Tempo Maestro

    Hello, I am an undergrad student at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Ga, and wanted to promote a research project we have been working on and with which we need more help:

    We have been exploring the idea of "perfect tempo" as analogous to perfect pitch – that is, if humans are able to train themselves to identify certain BPM through hearing a metronome source or to reproduce a given BPM through tapping or other means of onset production. To aid in research for this topic, we created an iOS app called Tempo Maestro. Our vision is for this app to serve as a pedagogical tool to aid in improving tempo indentification, reproduction, and consistency. Our primary goal is to collect (anonymous) data to see how effective the app is at helping users improve these skills in a game-like atmosphere. The app is purely for research purposes, not for profit in any way. We are in the process of growing our user base, and we would greatly appreciate if you could download the app and share with students and colleagues within your program.

    Here are the relevant links for further information and for downloading:

    ‎Tempo Maestro on the App Store

    Tempo Maestro | Improve Your Tempo Skills

    Please reach out if you have questions or feedback, thank you!

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