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    Artusi workbooks and resources

    In case it is helpful at this point in the term, in addition to Artusi’s online theory workbooks that you might already know about (which cover everything from Theory I and aural skills--we incorporated MacGamut--through Theory IV), Artusi has launched a fundamentals textbook, designed to assist instructors whether they are inside the classroom or teaching remotely.  

    The text’s a collaboration between myself, Dr. Kristen Hansen, and the rest of the Artusi team. And like the rest of Artusi, this text is fully customizable to suit your pedagogy.   The site is www.artusimusic.com, and there are demos of the various levels and texts at https://www.artusimusic.com/sampler/ 

    thanks -- and good luck in this crazy term.  

    - Myke

    Michael Scott Asato Cuthbert, Artusi Chief Music Officer

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