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    Looking for specific repertoire that uses stacked canon

    edited November 2018 in Questions

    Dear SMT Discuss,

    I was hoping to draw on the collective wisdom of our community to get help finding some specific repertoire for a project I've been working on. I am looking for anything from exerpts to larger pieces that utilize symmetrical, stacked canons. And by symmetrical, I mean imitation at the same interval upon each voice's entrance, either above or below the dux. An additional criteria for what I'm looking for is strict imitation in each voice. So if a melody moves by interval class 2, then the following voices would have to move not by any diatonic 2nd, but strictly ic2. So for example, after the dux (C–D), if the first comes enters a major third below (Ab–Bb) at a time delay of one beat, then the second comes must enter a major third below the previous comes (E–F#) at a time delay of one beat after the first comes

    C – D

          Ab – Bb

                   E – F#

    Three voices would be most germane to what I've done so far, however I wouldn't mind looking at those which use larger stacks. I would imagine that this technique would be found mostly in the early twentieth-century Western art repertoire (Bartók, Schoenberg, Ives?), however I'm open to anything that specifically does this. If specific examples help to clarify what I'm looking for...this analysis started with Gustav Holst's Eight Canons for Equal Voices. I also see that it is used at the beginning of Szymanowski's String Quartet, Op. 37, mvt. III. Any suggestions would be helpful, and of course credit will be given where credit is due when the project is finished!

    Thanks in advance,

    Dustin Chau

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