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    StaffPad Pro - ?

    Dear Colleagues -

    Has anyone used the software StaffPad on the Surface Pro in their own work or in the classroom? I'm curious to evaluate it to see if we can use it in a pedagogical or classroom capacity at our institution, but they don't have any kind of trial version or 'review copy' available. At its high price I wanted to have some idea of how it was.

    Any help would be appreciated! You can e-mail me separately at gghunt 'at' uta.edu




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    • I own the program and rarely use it. I wish I could get my money back and here's why.

      Although the StaffPad can do everything the demo video shows, it really does not live up to the standard of a full blown notation softward like Finale and Sibelius. I was expecting more intuitive recognition of handwriting, but the software is quite poor. You have to be willing to learn a new set of a gesture that are recognizable by the software, and even so, you will run into problem of misrecognition.

      I can type way faster in Sibellius than in Staffpad. And based on the way the softward is setup, I think engraving notes in StaffPad will never be faster than Sibelius.

      The help page of the software even suggest that you export the file to XML and import it to Finale or Sibelius if you need a more detailed engraving.

      ​It is a good concept but I think the software need more revisions and update to be fully functional.

      I hope this helps!