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    PSA for SMT Presenters with Windows 10

    If you are presenting in Vancouver (or any other conference for that matter) and you are using a laptop with a Windows 10 operating system, I suggest you make sure that you have the 1607 version and not 1511. The problem with 1511 is that it can force you to restart for updates with only a few minutes heads up and no way to postpone (this happened to me several times in a row, since I mainly work on a desktop at home and only use my laptop occasionally when I work away from home). If you regularly work on your laptop this shouldn't be an issue since it would be up to date, but if not, I would check to make sure it's updated to version 1607 so it doesn't restart in the middle of your talk. If it's not and you're not sure how to do it, I suggest contacting microsoft customer support.

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