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    Arnold Schoenberg and Roberto Gerhard: Correspondence

    I am currently editing the hitherto unpublished correspondence between Roberto Gerhard and Arnold Schoenberg (almost 65 letters) and have just published in JSMI an article about this subject. I think you might be interested in this fascinating epistolary exchange:



    On 18 October 1923 Roberto Gerhard wrote a long letter to Arnold Schoenberg asking to be accepted as his pupil. Two weeks later he received a positive answer and left for Vienna at once. There, he met Schoenberg and began a master-pupil relationship that would gradually turn into deep friendship, as attested by fifty-three extant letters written between 1923 and Schoenberg’s death in 1951. Existing in archives in several countries and, for the most part, unpublished, these letters provide a wealth of information about Gerhard’s personal life and professional career, with interesting insights into Gerhard’s compositional process.

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