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  • Will you forgive me if I mention 2 more occurences of the exact same motif used by Messiaen? Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jésus (1944): 1:06:19 Concert à quatre (1991): 00:28     I'll start a separate thread, if that's ok.
  • I'd only like to say that Encyclopædia Britannica has got articles written by scholars, but outside resources can be added once they've been checked by their team of experts. Wouldn't that be a better activity for students? http://www.britannica.c…
  • That's very interesting! May I share my own observation? Messiaen used a lot of found material himself (he did, didn't he). I've noticed that he used the same motif in two very different pieces. The piano prelude is from 1929, and Le Tombeau resplen…
  • Ironically, the whole idea of Music Planet started with a concept I haven't manage to develop at all (except for that demonstrative image below). I thought there could be an encyclopedia of composers that would concentrate on their output, rather th…
  • Dear Professor Yorgason, Thank you for your very kind words! Yes, I developed the scripts (a function constantly checks the current playback time against an array of times that correspond to the sections of a piece). By the way, the visualisation…