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  • Dear Néstor, Cool topic and great discussion between you and Nicolas!  Another source to check out is Thompson's A History of Harmonic Theory in the United States where he talks about the different systems that were adopted in the US (and some of th…
  • Hi Devin,   Thanks for posting on this. You may be interested to check out the Standards-based-grading section of an article that Anna Gawboy, Bryn Hughes, Kris Shaffer and I wrote for MTO a few years ago. I think you'll find that this approach is v…
  • Cool topic! Among some of the other film music mentioned, there's the main theme from Vertigo by the great Bernard Herrmann.
  • Hi Tim, Great question. If you haven't come across it already, Danny Stevens turned me on to this book that has some cool projects that might be suitable for fundamentals/non-majors courses: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/computational-thin…
  • Hi Brent,   Sorry I'm chiming in late on the discussion. If you haven't come across it already, you might want to check out Learning Spaces Collaboratory (I recently got to hear Jeanne Narum give a talk that was quite interesting). Many of the ideas…
  • In addition to Poundie's example (nice one!), the example I like to use for this Hybrid is the opening movement of Haydn's "Farewell" Symphony (where the basic idea is 4 bars long). The final cadence is problematic, and basic idea is harmonized diff…