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MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development
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Meter in Music Education
Teaching Musical Meter to School-Age Students Through The Ski-Hill Graph http://hdl.handle.net/2123/19791


  • I teach the NRT transformations: eg. PLR with my piano students from beginner level. I've been witnessing the benefits to students in taking a psychoacoustic (embodied acoustics) approach to teach harmony early on in their music education. In this w…
  • In a previous post I mentioned I've been teaching musical meter using modern meter theory through instruments of meter theory such as the ski-hill graph and cyclic graph, to equip my students to articulate their experience of meter. I discuss this h…
  • Meter Symposium 3 will be held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2018 dates TBC. Will post an update closer to time.
  • @ John McKay  No problem! I'm sure your students will adapt to Ski-hill graphs very well especially as the pathways will reflect their own hearing of the pulses for the meters they hear. It's great you are so open to new ideas. It may surprise your …
  • @John McKay just to clarify my expression was 'in a sense arbitrary' akin to "quasi-arbitrary". The notation can only 'give us clues as to meter'. As an educator my interest is in historically informed theory (HIT) and in our era we are privileged t…
  • Thanks Stephen. I find the discussion fascinating! But there is a great deal of 'inertia' out there where teaching meter is concerned. What strikes me as fundamental is that many music teachers aren't aware or at least don't teach that music can be …
  • Stephen unless I have misunderstood your comment would you agree that is it about time music textbooks for all ages and levels were re-written to include a re-definition of meter? One that not only explains what meter is but how to teach it accordin…
  • Okay my first comment at SMT ... I'd love to see all music textbooks from tertiary level through to texts for young children address this definition and the experience associated with it. I can't say I ever taught about the experience of musical met…