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University of Kansas
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Radiohead, Rock Music, Form, Rhythm, Drumming, Timbre


  • Dear Zac, For what it's worth, we had a very similar setup here at KU. Year after year, more of our incoming freshmen did not pass the entrace exam. When this number hit 50% (i.e., more than half of them having to take a remedial class in semester o…
  • Hey Tim, This sounds like an awesome class. Here are a few things RE: rhythm/meter/embodiment that were helpful in my own research, and which I found pretty approachable: 1) Iyer, Vijay. 2002. “Embodied mind, situated cognition, and expressive micro…
  • Dear Trevor, Thanks for being brave enough to share something that, I am sure, a lot of people feel. Like you, I have not had a *solo* paper accepted at SMT-National in a long time, but have, in that same period, had several high-level publications…
  • Thanks for this thought-provoking query, Zac! 1. First off, a correction to Roberts: "Let Down" is 5:4 (Osborn 2016, 74–76). 2. More importantly, "Let Down" is different than The National example above in that it is indeed a grouping dissonance, whe…
  • Radiohead, "I Will" (2003), in C#m—yes, with raised leading tone (i–VI7–V)—begins on the dominant. 
  • Hi David, Radiohead's 2001 "Like Spinning Plates" uses backwards playback of a highly percussive loop to create a spin-like "whoosh" throughout, but the more explicit spinning is in the omnipresent corrugaphone, which we hear spinning faster and fas…
  •   Here I am, Trevor :) Charles: Indeed, there is something close to this in the Radiohead catalog. I should put all my cards on the table though and say that I don't always think chord "roots" are the way to analyze rock harmony. In the following…