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    Oxford Music Online interface

    Perhaps we're generally too busy right now grading etc. to have risen up in scholarly protest at the new interface? Should we be asking university administrations whether they are getting value for money from Oxford Music Online?

    Jonathan Dunsby

    Professor of Music Theory

    Eastman School of Music

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    • My first thought on seeing it was that the interface was designed to work well on phones. The same was openly the goal recently on my financial advisor's website. (I had been involved in a focus group where they said as much.) Neither functionality nor content were improved (and probably not considered). In the case of OMO, both seem to have deteriorated.

    • I’d welcome a more detailed sense of what people are finding worse about the new OMO interface.  I just re-submitted in the OMO “search box” a query I had put in when the old interface was there (the name of a minor 18th-century composer).  I don’t like the visually unattractive and busy interface, but the query got me to the same entry-list – which was in a more readable font than previously (on my notebook). 

      Joel Lester

    • There have been carefully considered accounts on AMS-L of what people are finding worse; and thinking of the expert view, I know that one of the country's leading music librarians is furious about the new interface. Any interface will suit some of the people some of the time, but still, what is the scholarly value of this redesign?

      Jonathan Dunsby

      Professor of Music Theory

      Eastman School of Music

    • Yes, we should. I have no comment on the interface as such. But I just searched for Wagner, and it took quite a while to find the most important person of that name, and when I got to his article I found the bibliography to be dreadfully out-of-date. And where did all the lovely photographs and facsimiles I remember from the 1980 Grove go to?