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The Defects of A Reigning Theory

Dear Colleagues,


It is my pleasure to announce the publication of my new article “The Defects of A Reigning Theory”. It criticises Schenkerian theory. A list of suggested major defects of Schenkerian theory is exposed below. Each one of those headlines is examined separately in the article.

1. Repudiation of the subdominant function and the plagal cadence.

2. Imposition of an exaggerated notion of functional prolongation, which leads to elimination of stepwise cadences as well as implied cadences over a pedal point.

3. Repudiation of ascending melodic lines and the leading tone as structurally important factors in background analysis.

4. Interpretation of typical six-four chords as dissonant sonorities.

5. Neglect of rhythm and phrase structure as important factors in tonal analysis.


Of course, one cannot build a representative house on two beams (Tonic and Dominant), and it is there where the trouble begins.


The link from which you can read and download the article is:




I hope you have a good reading, and I welcome comments on this matter. 


Best regards,


Dimitar Ninov


Texas State University


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