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    Puzzle for the collective

    Hello, SMTers! Now with June here and (perhaps) more time on your hands, maybe you are in the market for a little music-theory-related fun, in the form of a music-theory puzzle that extends some ideas from Cohn's "Funky Rhythms" article in MTO

    About a year and a half ago, I posted something on my blog (https://musicellanea.blogspot.com) that ended with a little puzzle: to solve that one, it helped if you knew some music of the composer Robert Schumann. I shamelessly self-promoted the puzzle on smt-talk, and William Ayers was the first to post the right answer.

    To solve a similar (and yet dissimilar) sort of puzzle at the end of my most recent post on the same blog, it would help if you know some music of the band Yes.


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