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    logistics of online exams

    Hello all, this is a followup post from one I made about a year ago. As we continue to develop an online placement test, I am wondering about logistics on a few specific items:

    • does anyone know of an especially low-cost or ideally free way to create the test? We are building ours through our LMS (Blackboard) and are looking into using Noteflight Learn, but it unfortunately has an annual license. Are there other ways, either by designing questions to not require notation-based answers, or by using some free or paid-up-front implementation of notation software?

    • do you take any steps against cheating, or do you figure that any cheaters will quickly be outed through their lack of fluency?

    Megan L. Lavengood  |  Assistant Professor, George Mason University

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    • Hi Megan,

      I don't know that our solution is the best, but we do all of ours online through our LMS in just the way you describe, without requiring notation-based answers. With things like part writing and chord spelling, we test through error detection. We embed lots of music notation. We do not take steps against cheating.

      Hope this helps!