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    Musicianship/Sight-Singing/Ear Training Surveys

    edited March 2018 in Pedagogy

     Hello Colleagues,  

    We are considering revamping our Musicianship/Sight-Singing/Ear Training sequence. I may put together a survey to find out what people are doing/have done at other schools. But I have a recollection that others may have created similar surveys recently. If so, we would be interested in looking at the data collected, if possible. 

    Among questions we are considering:

    How frequently do classes meet, and for how long?

    How are these classes integrated, or not, with written theory and keyboard classes?

    What topics are covered?

    What sight-singing methods are used (fixed do, movable do, numbers, etc,)?

    How much attention is given to music outside of the Western classical tradition--pop/jazz/folk/non-Western?

    If you have done a similar survey, we would be interested in seeing the data.

    If no recent survey of this sort has been done, I will try to construct one, distribute it, and share the results with those who are interested.

    Thank you,

    David Claman Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor of Music

    Lehman College-CUNY






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