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Combined computer lab and piano/keyboard lab



I wonder if anyone has experience with a space that doubles as computer lab and piano/keyboard lab.  (Currently my institution has a separate room for each, but I can't help but think that there might be some innovative furniture or equipment that could improve upon this--perhaps some way to quickly turn a keyboard into a computer desk and vice versa....)


Thank you for any thoughts and/or experiences you're willing to share.


Best wishes, 



Jeremy Day-O'Connell

Associate Professor and Chair

Music Department

Skidmore College

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  • Hi Jeremy, I'm sure you might know this already.  Weighted keyboard controllers are essential for a pianistic interface which hook directly to any computer/software you use.  If there are no weighted controller keyboards any laptop can can record piano as audio with the onboard microphone or with a simple audio interface and external microphone.  In the latter situation you would record the piano as audio.  There are programs that convert audio to midi information (but I haven't used them) in the event that you wanted to use notation software with recorded information.  There is a lot of very good free legal software available like Audacity and even Finale has a free notation program.  Of course most software companies offer academic versions at reduced prices or for use in labs.  

  • Since you haven't received much feedback on this, I'll just pipe in and recommend that you get in touch with the Music Technology Center at the University of Northern Colorado: http://arts.unco.edu/music/music-technology. ; They have both a computer lab with keyboard midi controllers at each station, and a piano lab (weighted electronic pianos) with laptops attached to each piano.  You might also consider contacting Toby Rush (now at the University of Dayton: https://udayton.edu/directory/artssciences/music/rush_tobias.php), who worked with the labs at UNC for quite a few years and still does some work with Music pedagogical technologies.