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Your Copyrighted Work Where You Might Least Expect It

For those of you who don't know, there are websites to which your work may be uploaded by anyone and made available for download without seeking your permission or compensating you. The following is one: https://www.scribd.com. This is a monthly subscription service for e-reading. I found my Master's thesis here (https://www.scribd.com/KaCesar) I noticed that some of the items 'published' there are works by other SMT members.

On the bright side, this site has a "copyright resource center" where they inform their members:

If Scribd is notified by a copyright holder that a document you have uploaded to Scribd infringes their copyright, we will honor that notification, disable access to the document and notify you of our actions at the email address on file. If you repeatedly upload material that infringes others’ copyrights and/or material about which we receive notices Scribd will permanently ban you from the service pursuant to our repeat infringer policy.

An online form is available for notification.

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