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    Performance and Analysis Pedagogy Resource

    I and Richard vonFoerster are curating an online pedagogy resource, to contain materials useful to those teaching courses on analysis and performance. We intend to include syllabi, course reading lists, lesson plans, and assignments representative of different kinds of courses taught at a range of institutions. Materials may be in text, audio, or video format. The resource is sponsored by SMT’s Performance and Analysis Interest Group, and we hope it will serve a larger community.

    Please let us know what would be useful for you, if you have other ideas for such a resource, or if you would like to contribute materials. If you prefer to respond privately you may contact us directly at PAIG.pedagogy@gmail.com

    (Thus far the resource will include materials from Steven Laitz, David Kopp, Matthew Bribitzer-Stull, Daniel Barolsky, Brian Alegant, John Paul Ito, Daphne Leong, and others. There is plenty of room and need for more and diverse materials.)

    We look forward to your discussion and contributions.


    Daphne Leong



    Daphne Leong                                                           Daphne.Leong@colorado.edu

    Associate Professor, Music Theory                           tel: (303) 492-4337

    Chair, Theory and Composition                                 fax: (303) 492-5619

    University of Colorado at Boulder

    College of Music,  301 UCB

    Boulder, CO  80309-0301

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