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    "The Art of Modeling"

    Please visit my blog Essays & Endnotes for the most recent post in the Desperately Seeking Relevance thread. This one is "Maverick Integration." It extends ideas about rubbish theory and is meant to lay groundwork to argue toward a possible worlds approach for musics.

    It took me longer than I expected to work through the presentation issues once I decided to approach it as a problem in modeling. It may seem a bit old hat to some at first (in the beginning it cerainly doesn't challenge the current pedagogical assumptions concerning theory & analysis), but it soon incorporates a role that has been relegated to a token part in music theory today - or eliminated almost entirely. This role will be the antihero (with respect to music theory today) in the next post. Had I thought of it earlier, I would have titled this whole series of posts "Beyond the Behind." Fortunately, I didn't think of it earlier.

    Please remember, these are roles - the reader is encouraged to imagine his or her own favorite historical or current actors in those roles.

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